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Search Engines - An Updated Guide

Search engines have changed dramatically in the past two years. Yahoo used to be the grand-daddy of all search engines, but now ranks only 5th. It has been largely replaced by Google, and in fact, Yahoo's own search results if you enter a keyword are supplied by Google! Google accounts for 80% of all searches on the Web today. Netscape, AOL, and even Yahoo (to name only a few) are all powered by the Google search engine.

Most of the other search engines charge some type of fee. Prices range from relatively inexpensive to VERY expensive. For example Yahoo charges $299 per year for placement into what is now only their "directory". In other words, to reach one of these listings you need to drill down through the categories that are available on their main page. Most of the searches at Yahoo are done by keyword, so this is not something that is recommended.

You have or will receive countless spam emails offering to list your site in 5000 search engines (or whatever number they are promoting). None of these are recommended. They will submit you to 4990 "free-for-all" link sites, most of which you would not want to be listed at!

So how do you go about getting listed then? Here's our quick guide on what to do:

1.) Click here to go to Google's Submission Site. Also, read through the information explaining their Page Rank system. There is also additional information you may be interested in here.

2. ) Trade links with as many other sites as possible. Click here for hints on how to do cross-linking. The more links there are to your site, the higher your listing in Google.

3. ) Go to Network Solutions and click on "Promote Your Site" for all different types of options.

4. Consider advertising at About.com. You can open a Sprinks account for a small amount, and then watch your "Stats" to see if they are sending enough traffic your way to justify the cost.

5. Consider banner advertising at other sites in your niche market around the Web. If you're doing your homework on Cross-linking, you'll find these as you go along.

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