Writing your Meta Tags


Meta Tag are a way to insert text into an HTML page that is not visible when the page is viewed through a browser. SOME search engines have read the content of the tag and associated the words within it along with the page's regular body copy.

One tag is a description tag. The meta description tag allows you to influence the description of your page in SOME crawlers that support this tag. Generally, 200 to 250 characters may be indexed by the search engine, though only a smaller portion of this amount may be displayed

An example: "A comprehensive decorating shop in Florida for antiques, fabrics, quilts, patterns, templates, kits, notions, stencils, and books with the family and creating a home in mind."

The next meta tag is keywords. These are sometimes useful as a way to reinforce the words you think are important on the page for THE FEW CRAWLERS THAT SUPPORT IT. Only one does anymore...Inktomi.

1) From your maintenance page click on Store Configuration

2) Click on Add/Edit Your Meta Tags

3) Then type your description sentence into the box. Just type it all on one line it will wrap automatically.

Meta Tag Example 3

4) After you have your sentence in, scroll to the keyword section and type in your keywords one per line.

Meta Tag Example 4

6) Then simply press "Update Meta Tags" and you are all done. The software will write the tags your main page, your contact page and your free page if applicable.

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