Working with your Catagories

Database Item Search from Database Maintenance Page

There are 4 ways to search for items in your database that need editing:

1) By Product ID only

This search will look for products that start with the characters entered in the search box, so you can search for a single item, or multiple items that start with the same characters. Enter your search term, click on "Edit Item(s) from Search, and then it will place you in edit mode so that you can make changes to those items.

E.G., you have items 0102_a, 0102_b, and 0103_a in the database. If you enter 0102, it will return any items that begin with those characters, in this case just 0102_a and 0102_b. If you enter 01 it will return all three items.

Database Search by Product ID

2) By Product ID, Category Name, Product Name, or Description.

This search enables you to search by any of the four fields listed. Thus, if I can't remember the Product ID but know that the item is blue, I can enter "blue" to find all items with the word "blue" in either the product name or description.

Seach Database by Description

3) By OOS or Sale Image

This search will find any items that have either an oos or sale image. For more information on running a sale, click here

Database Search by Sale Image

4) Edit Sale Items will search for any items with a sale price, and display all of them so that you can edit them.

Rename takes a category and renames it. The software now renames images, updates the menu database to rename the category there, and also renames the header file for the category. (formerly, you had to make a new header, put a new name in the menu, and upload new images). Be sure to run "Menu Update" to apply the changes.

Copy takes a category and makes a duplicate copy to a new category name. This is used when you have a category that is close to what you want for a new category. You copy the one to a new name, and then go into the new category and edit it as needed.

Delete deletes the category, giving the option of deleting the images also.

Display Categories for Printing displays a list of your categories with the number of items in each, which can then be printed by clicking on File, Print from your browser.

Category Maintenance

When any of these changes are made, you MUST run Menu Update in order to view the changes in your store menu.