Making Sub-Menus and Sub-Catagories

Submenus enable you to have a main menu item that then opens to a submenu with several categories "under" that main menu item. In my case, I have decided that I have many more fabrics than just "Waxed Batiks", so I want to have a main menu item of "Fabrics" and then several sub-categories underneath that, namely "Waxed Batiks" and "Benartex" to start, although I will add many more later.

1.) Go to your Database Maintenance page and click on the "Enter Products in New Category" button. Create a new category called submenu (using ONLY lower case letters) in the category id field. Put a number between 1000 and 9900 in increments of 100 in the product id field, for example 1000, 1100, 1200. Click on "update database"

Creating a Submenu

2.) Now go to your Menu Maintenance Page. You will have a new category that looks like this:

New Submenu

3.) We want to change the name to "Fabrics", as I will now have a category called "Fabrics" with two categories below it, "Waxed Batiks" and a new category called "Benartex". We want to give it a sort order of 1, so it will appear first on the menu. "Waxed Batiks" will become a sub-category now, and I will give it a sort order of 1001 so that it will fall under the new main category of "Fabrics". In addition I want to use the same image as the "Waxed Batiks" for the main category "Fabrics" so I will copy the name displayed on top of the "Waxed Batiks" image (mtn-batiks_main.jpg) down into the submenu-1000 Image box.

Adding Submenus by Defining Sort Orders

The heirarchy for numbering submenus is as follows:

1000 (Fabrics)
     1001 (Waxed Batiks)
     1002 (Benartex)
     1003 (another new category, if needed, etc., etc.)
1100 (New Main Menu Category)
     1101 (New Subcategory)
     1102 (Another New Subcategory)

4.) Now let's make our category under "Fabrics" and call it "Benartex". Go to your data maintenance page and click on "Enter Products in New Category" Create a new category called benartex_main (I might want to later divide this into subcategories, one for Fossil Ferns, another for Christmas, etc.) Enter all the information for your first product, then click on "Update Database".

Enter new item for new category

I also need to upload the image for this new item under "Store Maintenance", "Upload Images".

Upload Image

5.) Next we need to go to Menu Maintenance and give a name to the new benartex_main category. We will call it simply "Benartex". The retail sort order needs to be 1002 so that it will fall beneath the 1000 submenu of "Fabrics". As always, click on "Menu Update"

6.)Now click on "View Store Menu". Here I can see what I have done. I have a new main category called "Fabrics" and when I click on it, it goes to a new submenu containing "Waxed Batiks" and "Benartex".

Main Menu


7.) When you want to add another sub-category, click on "Store Maintenance", "Database Maintenance", then select the category "submenu" and add another item, this time 2000. Click on "Update Database" and then repeat steps 2-5.

8.) You can also make sub-sub-menus, although it is very important that you realize that every click a customer has to make reduces sales by 25%! If I wanted to divide my Benartex into Fossil Fern and Christmas, I would make a submenu of 3100 by selecting the category "submenu" and then adding the new item.

I would then give this new submenu 3100 a sort order of 1002 to have it fall under "Benartex". The "Fossil Fern" category would be 3101 and the "Christmas" category would be 3102. The numbering would look like this:

1000 (Fabrics)
     1001 (Waxed Batiks)
     1002 (Benartex)
         3100 (Benartex with a sort order of 1002)
         3101 (Fossil Fern)
         3102 (Christmas)

9.) Congratulations!! You are now a pro at submenus and menus :)

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