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Setting up a Sale

Click here to see an example of an item that is on sale

Click here to see an example of an item with options on sale

1.) Enter the sale price of the item.

  • For an item without "options", simply type in the sale price of the item.

  • For an item with options, after the wholesale price add a colon and enter your sale price.

2.) If you want a "Sale" icon to appear above the thumbnail for the item, type sale.gif in the "OOS/Sale Image" box.

Enable Store Sale

If you do not have sale and out of stock images, contact You can also make your own and upload them via the "Edit Non-Catalog Pages" upload area.

Note: We encourage you to use the "Temporarily Out of Stock" image for ANY items that you can't deliver immediately. Not only is it more work for you to have to contact a customer when an item is not available, the customer gets irritated over ordering items that are not available.

3.) Once you have all the sale prices added you can "turn on" your sale.

The Store Sale is your regular sale. If you have items in your catalog with sale prices, then this needs to be enabled. Click on Sales from your left hand menu in maintenance, or from the main maintenance page. Cick on "Enable Store Sale". That's all there is to it! :)

Enable Store Sale

The software will automatically add your sale icon (if you don't already have a sale icon, email and we will see that you get one). You can also make your own, but be sure to upload them via your "Edit Non-Catalog Pages" image upload area. The keyword search software will also automatically find all instances where a sale price has been entered when the sale is enabled.

4.) To turn "off" a sale.

  • Simply click on "Sales" and click on "Disable Store Sale"

    Disable Store Sale

5.) Enabling and Disabling a Sale.