How to Make and Send "Fancy" Email to your List

Click here to see an example of this fancy email.

1) Entering your logo. For those fabric shops that are a part of, your logo will be available for you to use here, by selecting the image file from the drop down menu. It will be the name of your domain (yourdomain.gif). If you are not on you need to upload a logo that is no larger than 20k. If you need Patty to make you one, please contact her.

To upload your logo (or any image) scroll to the bottom of the page, to "Image File Upload". Click on "Browse", locate your file on your hard drive, select it, click on "Open", the file will appear in the window as shown below and click on "Upload Image File"

After you have uploaded your logo (if needed) you need to tell the software to use it. Go to "Logo Image File" and simply select your logo file name from the drop down list.

2) Give the email a heading. Simply enter your heading in the text field and choose your color.

3) Enter your "Greeting". Type in your greeting in the Greeting Field. Enter your url (WITHOUT THE http://), by doing this the "Store Name" will become "hot" in the email, allowing the user to click through to your store. Then enter your shop name.

4) Add one image to the email and the text that corresponds to that image. First you need to upload the image and it must be smaller than 20K. You can use any thumbnail from your catalog by right clicking on the thumbnail and doing a "Save as", then uploading via the "Image Upload" (refer to #1 above).

Select your image file name from the drop down menu. Then enter any text that you would like to appear next to that image.

Enter text below the image. Simply type in the text you would like to appear.

Add links to your categories within your store and add text - the program will allow for 4 different links to your store. You don't have to use all of them if you don't want to. Type in the text that you would like prior to the link; you can also leave it blank if you wish.
Select the category that you would like to link to from the drop down menu.
Type in the text that will be underlined representing the link.
Type in any text that you would like to appear under the link.
For those of you with retail/wholesale catalogs your categories will have a "r" for retail categories and a "w" for wholesale categories.

5) Adding other info. Add your other info header and pick a color. Use the text box to add your other info.

6) How to unsubscribe to your mailing list. This is already set up for you and should not need to be changed.

7) Add the subject of your email. This is what appears in the subject line of the email when it is received.

8) The next two lines are for the user if they would like to respond to your mailing. Because of techincal issues, if the receiver of the email hits reply to a newsletter that you've sent out, you will not get it. So these two lines are setup for you to be able give them an option for responding. When the receiver views your email there will be a link that when clicked on, will open their email program, address it to you and put the subject line in for them. So, here you need to enter the subject line that you would like to appear in the email that they send back to you, so for example: Newsletter Feedback. Second, enter the email address that you like it to come to, will be forwarded to the email address that we have on file for you.

Update/Modify. This updates your entries.

Preview your fancy email. You must run "Update/Modify" before you preview your fancy email and just press the "Back" key on your browser to return to the program.

8) It is also a good idea to send yourself a copy first. To do this, click on "Mail to me only" at the default email address at your domain (or enter any other email address). If it looks good, then send your fancy email by clicking on "Mail to List"

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