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Making Options for your Items

Options are used when you have an item that is available in different sizes, colors, or any other variable. For example: You are selling a kit that is available as a pattern only, or as a kit.

1.) First I will go to my database where I have a kit that has already been entered. I want to offer this as a kit with fabrics, or as a pattern only, without fabrics. Below the item in the database is a box that is used for options. The Product ID used for any item that has options MUST NOT contain the underscore character. If it does, then it needs to be changed.

2.) I need to remove the price and unit, making them blank. I also changed my description to reflect the fact that the item comes two ways.

Entering Options

3.) At the bottom of the item is a box for multiple options. I need to put a check mark in "Check to use multiple items" just by clicking inside the box. Then I need to enter the following information:
    Type in a unique product ID followed by a colon:
    (not seen by the customer but distinguishing it from all others). Each product ID must be unique. In our example, kit and pattern are unique. However, if you have two options for a kit, monthly and complete kit, you would need to enter kit-monthly1:, and kit-complete1: in order for them to be unique.


  • Next we tell it the unit, in this case each, followed by a colon:


  • Now enter the text that is displayed for the item (what the customer will see). In this case, it is Kit and Pattern Only, each followed by a colon:

    Item Text

  • Next is the price, 29.95 and 7.00, each followed by a colon.


  • Next is the wholesale price. If you do not do wholesale, simply put 0 followed by a colon.

    Wholesale Price

  • Finally, we have the sale price, if any. If the item is not on sale, simply put 0, and this time no colon is needed.

    Sale Price

  • Click on "Update Database"

3.) Take a look at your new option field. It should look something like this.

Item with Options

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