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Order Tracking

The Order Tracking feature allows links into the store to contain information which is passed on to the final order by placing a 'query' on the link going to the store. This feature allows a store to determine if the customer arrived at the store from a predetermined location, such as clicking on a link from the newsletter, from a Quiltshops.com search, or from an ad from one of the commercial services. When tracking takes place, the order email sent to the store, and the invoices will show the tracking information. The tracking information is available when a link with the additional query information is sent to a link within the store, or to your main web page (if you have the Quiltshops.com Icon, or have a special JavaScript code in your main web page.)

Order Tracking is automatically set up to identify the following and supply the store with the tracking information shown in the quote marks below:

  • Fancy Newsletters -- "Newsletter Link itemnumber"
  • Quiltshops.com Search -- "Quiltshops.com search keywords"
  • Quiltshops.com Banner -- "Quiltshops.com banner keywords" (for shops having banners in Search, when someone clicks on the banner)
  • Quiltshops.com Hopscotch -- "Quiltshops.com hopscotch" (using the Previous/Next links on the Quiltshops.com Icon)
  • Quiltshops.com Storenews -- "Quiltshops.com storenews" (the Store News section on Quiltshops.com when someone clicks on the link to your store)
  • Quiltshops.com List of Shops -- "Quiltshops.com listofshops" (from the List on the Quiltshops.com Icon)
  • Quiltshops.com Shop Display -- "Quiltshops.com shopdisplay" (from Quiltshops links in Quiltshops.com)
  • Quiltshops.com Shop by Location -- "Quiltshops.com shopbylocation" (From Quiltshops.com Member Shops by Location)
  • Quiltshops.com Featured Shop -- "Quiltshops.com featuredshop" (when someone clicks on the featured shop on Quiltshops.com)

The Order Tracking feature has provisions for three additional Name/Value pairs which may be used for such things as links from other web sites and advertising link tracking. The Value can be set to anything desired, so generally only one of the custom Names would be needed. The custom names are:

  • tracking1
  • tracking2
  • tracking3

The Name is used as part of a Name/Value pair in the Query portion of a link. The Query portion starts with a ? right after the URL and filename, and is put in as name=value. The value can be anything, however it must be properly encoded for some characters (see URI Encoding for more information). Every link that contains a query must have a ? between the link and the query. Multiple Name/Value pairs may be put in a query, however each additional pair must be separated by an &.

Examples (I will use links into HavasuQuilts as examples)

  • http://www.havasuquilts.com (link with no query to the site's main page)
  • http://www.havasuquilts.com?tracking1=specialquery (one query added to link to site's main page, the "specialquery" can be anything, but the tracking1 can only be tracking1, tracking2, or tracking3 in order to be recognized by our software)
  • http://www.havasuquilts.com?tracking1=specialquery&tracking2=hello (link to main page with two queries)
  • http://www.havasuquilts.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi (link into store with no query)
  • http://www.havasuquilts.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi?menu=submenu-1000.html&tracking1=fabrics (link into store submenu with two queries, one for the submenu, one for the tracking)
  • http://www.havasuquilts.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi?product=benartex&productid=b_1044_87f&tracking1=b_1044_87f (link to a specific item in a store with tracking1 set to the productid) WARNING -- NEVER include the Name/Value pair cart_id in any link to your store!

Note for clients sending plain text newsletters -- you may manually include links for newsletter using the above example, however use the name tracking5, it is reserved for use in newsletters.

If it is absolutely necessary to use a name other than tracking1, 2, or 3 for a particular ad site, please contact help@keyweb.com. The name can be configured to something else upon request.

Please contact Keyweb Help for more information.