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Setting up a Sale

Click here to see an example of an item that is on sale

Click here to see an example of an item with options on sale

1.) Enter the sale price of the item.

  • For an item without "options", simply type in the sale price of the item.

  • For an item with options, after the wholesale price add a colon and enter your sale price.

2.) Once you have all the sale prices added you can "turn on" your sale.

The Store Sale is your regular sale. If you have items in your catalog with sale prices, then this needs to be enabled. Click on Sales from your left hand menu in maintenance, or from the main maintenance page. Cick on "Enable Store Sale". That's all there is to it! :)

Enable Store Sale

The software will automatically add your sale icon (if you don't already have a sale icon, email help@keyweb.com and we will see that you get one). You can also make your own, but be sure to upload them via your "Edit Non-Catalog Pages" image upload area. The keyword search software will also automatically find all instances where a sale price has been entered when the sale is enabled.

3.) To turn "off" a sale.

  • Simply click on "Sales" and click on "Disable Store Sale"

    Disable Store Sale

4.) Enabling and Disabling a Quiltshops.com Sale.

  • Quiltshops.com has approximately three large sales per year. IF you want to particpate in a Quiltshops.com Sale, you must click on "Enable Quiltshops Sale" to take part. You must do this by 9pm central time the night before the sale begins. When a Quiltshops.com sale is enabled, it will automatically add your sale icon, add the old price and include you in our promotional sales. If you do not wish to participate in one of our sales just be sure that this button is disabled.

  • If you want to be in a Quiltshops.com sale, you have to do both enables, "Enable Store Sale" and "Enable Quiltshops.com Store Sale".

    Enable Quiltshop Sale

  • On the other hand, if you want to have some sale items, but don't want to participate in a Quiltshops.com Sale, you can click on "Enable Store Sale" only.

  • To disable a Quiltshops.com Sale, click on "Disable Quiltshop Sale"

    Disable Quiltshop Sale

    Category Sales
    A new feature was added that allows complete categories to be set up for sales.

    The amount of the sale discount is coded in the category name by placing a --snumber on the end of the category name. For instance, if you have a category named


    and you wish to apply a sales price of 10% off of everything in the category, then rename the category


    You may make it a decimal number, for instance, a 12.5 percent discount would be salestable--s12_5

    Any item in the category will receive become a sale item automatically. The sale enable/disable has no effect on the category sale, if the category sale is set by the --s, then it is always going to be a sale item. If a sale price is set on an item within the category, and sale is enabled on the store, that price will be used instead of the percentage, otherwise the percentage defined by the --s will be used. The sale.gif and sale text will be displayed.

    NOTE: You must rebuild your menu after changing or adding a category!

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