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Now that you have opened your store, your work has only just begun. The single most important factor in the success of your new store is your promotion. It is just like opening any business. If you expect to open your door and have the world show up and make you an instant millionaire, you will be sorely disappointed. The same is true on the Web. If you work at promoting your business just as you would another store in another suburb or city, you will be rewarded. Your total dollar volume per year will depend in large part on how much you promote your business.

A lot has changed on the Web from the early days. In particular, search engines have changed dramatically. 80% of the searches on the Web today are done through Google. Therefore, you'll want to pay special attention to "Google" in the section below on "Search Engines".

Your number one tool for promotion is your customer database. After that, there are three ways of promoting that are most successful; cross-linking, submission to the search engines, and becoming active on mailing lists and newsgroups within your niche market. All of these take time, but the success of your site will depend on your taking the time to get the word out, especially within your niche market.

  • Building Your Customer Database - how to effectively build and manage your customer database, your number one promotional tool.

  • Cross Linking - learn how to cross link effectively with your links page

  • Meta Tags - writing your meta tags

  • Search Engines - learn the basics about the major search engines

  • Mailing Lists and Newsgroups - how to "schmooze" on the Web.

  • 10 Ways to Increase Your Business - for Quilt Shops Only