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This Section Has Three Parts: 1) Order Management 2) Credit Card Gateways 3) Sales Data

Order Management

Great News! You've just received your first order. Now what? When an order is placed, two copies of the order with all the information EXCEPT the credit card number are sent via email, one to the store owner, the other to the customer, which serves as their confirmation. Your order email will look similar to this one.

Email Order

Now you'll want to go to your main Maintenance Menu and click on "Credit Card Access", or if you're already online, just click on "Credit Card Access from any left hand menu within the maintenance section.

First, you'll need to enter your credit card password. These passwords are extremely sensitive, so we do not send them to you via email. If you don't have yours yet, call 1-888-539-9326 9-Noon MST, Monday thru Friday.

Credit Card Access - Password Entry

Next, you will see the following screen, where you can select "Unread Orders", "Previously Read Orders" or "All Orders".

Select Orders Screen

Since this is the first time we've come to view this brand-new order, we'll select "Unread Orders" and then click on "Display Orders". I actually had two new orders, so my screen now looks like this.

Unread Orders

I have several choices now:

1.) "Display Credit Cards Only" will display a printable page with Dates, Invoice #, and Credit Card Number of any "Unread Orders"

2.) Next there are three buttons for each order, displayed with the order# in the button.

     a.) Edit - which will allow me to actually edit the invoice, in case there is a change in the invoice due to shipping charge changes, or backordered items, etc.

     b.) Print Without Credit Card # - a packing slip

     c.) Print With Credit Card # - for a permanent record of the transaction with the credit card number.

I'm going to print one of each, with the credit card # and without. Click here to see a sample of an invoice printed with the credit card # (this one is fake).

IF you have a Credit Card Gateway with your software, click here for additional information.

Two new features of the software are just below this.

Multiple Invoice Print

IF you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, or Netscape 7, you can print multiple invoices (either with or without credit card numbers) at once. Just place a check in the boxes of the order numbers you want to print and click on the appropriate button. Note to AOL users: it is possible to minimize your AOL browser, then open Internet Explorer, to use this feature.

You can also print a "Pull List" - a listing of all the items on the selected orders, complete with thumbnails, to make it easier to find these items in your stock.

Pull List

Orders are archived 5 days after they have been "read", but you can retrieve an order from the archive and place it in your "Previously Read Orders" queue just by entering the invoice number in the box and clicking on "Retrieve Archived Order".

Retrieve Archived Orders

Finally, there are tables for Priority Mail Rates by Postal Zone, First Class Rates, and a zip code zone lookup utility. This information is also available on the password entry page to facilitate "quick" look-ups without having to log-in.

Postal Charts & Look-up Utility

Credit Card Gateways

IF you have a Credit Card Gateway, your invoice table will have an additional column, called "Authorization". Click on any order number that you need authorization for, and it will take you to one of the following screens:


If all the information is correct for the order, you can submit the order for authorization. The authorization code for the order will be returned in various ways, depending on the service, but will also appear in green in the Authorize column of the invoice select table.

NOTE: You must also go to your Credit Card Gateway and release the order for processing once the order has been shipped. You do this by going to the web site for that particular company.

Sales Data

All of your sales data is available to you at any time, either as a summary web page, or as an Excel file that can be downloaded to your hard disk or viewed online.

Sales Data

Select the starting month and day, then the ending month or day. Then select either "Show Summary Only" or "Show Summary and Create Excel File". If you select the option with the Excel file, a link to "Order Excel File" will appear at the end of your summary.

For Internet Explorer Users: Left Click on the "Order Excel File" link will open Excel on your computer and display the results (WITHOUT the total summaries in IE 5.5 or less). Right click, then "Save Target As" will allow you to save the .xls file to your hard disk.

For Netscape Users: Left click on the "Order Excel File" link brings up a screen that allows you to either open the file using Excel, or save it to your hard disk.

For AOL Users: For Internet Explorer Users: Left Click on the "Order Excel File" link will open Excel on your computer and display the results. Right click, then "Save Target As" will allow you to save the .xls file to your hard disk.

Mailing Labels

A new feature was added in the Credit Card section under Multiple Order/Invoice Display. Select the order numbers with the checkboxes, and then click on Display/Print Mailing Labels. Please read the instructions carefully on the page that is then displayed. Using this feature creates a file which may be opened on your computer with your word processor.

The Mailing labels are set up to print onto Avery 2"X4", 10 per page (XX63 series labels.)

The web page also displays all of the addresses from the orders selected, and the page may be printed. The printout from the web page will provide 6 addresses per page which may be cut out and taped to your package.

Invoice Font Size

The Invoice Display and Printing from the Credit Card Access area now has an option for setting the invoice displays to either normal or small letters. Scroll to the bottom of the page on the Display Orders Page, and two new buttons have been added. The buttons will show the current display mode, either Normal or Small, one button for the Credit Card Invoices, one for Non-Credit Card Invoices. Clicking on the button will change the display mode, and the dislplay mode will remain unnless the button is clicked to change it back.

Also, for stores that do not use the old style options, the invoices suppress the Options display field, so most stores will notice a change in the invoices.

Shipping notification

When you click on the Shipping Notify for an order, a page will be displayed with the items ordered and some additional text. You may change or add to this text, and then when you submit the form it will automatically send the contents of that page to your customer letting them know that you shipped the order.

The shipping notify may only be used one time per order. Once the email has been submitted the button will disappear from the table and be replaced with the date the notification was sent. This makes it easy to see which orders you have sent notifications to.

The defaults for the shipping notification may be changed by scrolling down the page in the Order Selection Page to "Modify Shipping Notify Configuration" and clicking on the button. The current configuration will be displayed, and the values may be changed and submitted.
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