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Option Management is located in Store Maintenance (bottom left)
  1. A "Base File" is the first thing that needs to be done.  A "Base File" will identify what the option consists of; small, medium, large or red, blue, yellow etc, whatever the case may be. There are two demo "Base Files" already.  Take a look at them for reference. These can also be used in your store, however they can not be deleted or edited.

    So I start by creating a new base file using the demo_color as the example.

    1. I click on "Create New Base File"

    2. I give the base file a name.  Be sure not to use spaces, capitals or special characters in the file name.  I've entered demo_color.

    3. Now I enter my color choices.  "Identifier" is the id of the color and should be named without spaces, capitals or special characters.  "Caption" is what the customer will see on the "front" end.  The "Price Difference" field allows for more money to be added if that particular option is selected.  For example: and X-Large Tall shirt may be $2.00 more than the original price, this is where the price difference can be added.  In this case, however there are not any extra charges for any of the colors.

    4. After adding all of my colors I click on "Create New Base File" and I've made my first base file.

    5. Next I created the size base file.  You can follow any order you'd like.  You can make a base file and then go make an "Option File", you can make all your base files and then make your option files.  But you'll need at least one base file to be able to make an "Option File".

  2. Now, I'm going to make my "Option File".  Option files basically tell an item what base file(s) will be used and how they will be displayed.

    So for example:  I have a sweatshirt available in differnt colors (my demo_color base file) and it is available in several different sizes (my demo_size base file).  So I need an "Option File" that will display the color choices and the size choices for my sweatshirt. 

    1. I start by clicking on "Create New Option File"

    2. I give the "Option File" a filename.  In my case I simply name it sweatshirt.  Again, no special characters, no spaces and no capitals.

    3. Next I need to choose which base files I want to use for my sweatshirt.  I need to choose  how my color and size choices will display on the item and I need to choose my text telling the customer what the choices are.

      1. I want to display my demo_size base file first, so I select "demo_size" from the drop down list of base files I've created.

      2.   Next I choose how I want the option  to display next to the item.  I have 3 choices:

        • Horizontal Radio Buttons

        • Vertical Radio Buttons

        • Drop Down List


      3.   I choose Vertical Radio Buttons

      4.   Now I enter my text about the option.  In this case a simple "Choose your size:" will work.

      5.   I repeat the same procedure for my demo_color base file - I choose what base file, how to display and text.

    4. I just need 2 options for my sweatshirt, size and color but I have 3 more options that I could add if I needed to.  Each item has the ability to have 5 different options or choices. 

      I'm all set so I click on "Create New Option File".

  3. I can see how my option file will look on an item by clicking on Display All Options.  If I don't like the way the option displays, I can go to "Edit sweatshirt", in this case, and choose a different display or make any other adjustments. I'm happy, so I'm going to add it to the item.

  4. Adding the option file to the item is relatively simple.  After creating the "Option File", look in the "Filename Option Code" column and there will be the code that I need to enter into my items "Multiple Option" field.  In my case I have %%OPTION%%sweatshirt.htm:

    I copy this code by highlighting it (by dragging my cursor across it), then hold down the CTRL key while pressing the letter C.  Then I go find my item in "Database Maintenance" where this option file will be displayed.  I do a CTRL/V to paste the "Option Code" into the "Multiple Option File" box. I check the "Check to Use Multiple Options" box and then I press update.

That's it!!  When I go to look at the "front end" this is what I have:

If you have any questions please send an email to help@keyweb.com

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