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Making your site ready to go live.

Ok, so you've entered enough items within your catalog and you are now wondering what else you need to do to get your site launched. Here is a simple laundry list of what we suggest.

1) Enter any content to your builder pages or at least say "Coming Soon" until you can get to them. Don't go live with builder pages that say "enter your stuff here".

2) Check your "Email Routing and Setup" to be sure that it is setup correctly. You can either forward your website email to an existing email address you have with your isp or you can use our mail system. If you have questions, please be sure to contact us.
For those of you with a temporary quiltshops.com url (http://accountname.quiltshops.com) and your domain is yet to be on our servers, you can skip this step until your domain has been transfered.

3) Send yourself a test email via your contact form to be sure you're receiving those emails.

4) Set up your shipping charges. To do this go to "Store Configuration" and click on "Edit Your Shipping".

5) Place an order on your own site. When filling out all the "checkout forms" be sure they are the way you want them. If you need to change shipping methods, accepted credit cards, add notes, etc., all that can be done via "Order Form Congifuration". You will get two emails; one to you as the customer and one to you as the owner of the shop. If there is a problem please let us know at help@keyweb.com

6) After placing an order run through the credit card process like your order was really a customer order, making sure you have a good handle on how that all works and let us know if you have questions.

7) Set up your sales tax for in-state orders via "Store Configuration"

8) If you're a quilt shop make sure that the Minimum Order is set the way you want it. When your store was installed it automatically sets a 1/2 yard. To change it go to "Store Configuration" and select "Minimum Order."

9) Email help@keyweb.com and say MAKE ME LIVE! :)

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