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This Section Has Six Parts: 1) Mailing List Components 2) Send Text Email to List 3) Send Fancy Email to List 4) Access ML Database 5) Drawing Winners 6) Edit Mailing List

Important Spam & Newsletter Information 1/1/04

Mailing List Management

The Mailing List Components

The mailing list contains the following components:
  1. One or two web pages where customers sign up for your mailing list, available from your web site.
  2. Form to send Email to List (Fancy or Text Only) - Access from Maintenance Menu
  3. Mailing List Database - Access from Maintenance Menu
  4. Edit Mailing List - Access from Maintenance Menu
  5. Newsletter Status - Access from Maintenance Menu

Send Text Email to List

Go here to send an email to your entire list at any time. Just type your subject into the subject box and your message into the text box (or copy it from your word processor using Ctrl C and Ctrl V).

Always be sure to include your full URL (eg. http://www.keyweb.com). Almost all mail programs interpret these as URL's so that all the receipient has to do is click on that link to go directly to your web site.

"Save This Email" is a new feature that allows you to save the email and return later to make changes. The program also automatically saves the email when sent and when you re-enter the program, it will display the last email sent. You can then either edit that content or start again by deleting it.

It's a good idea to send a copy to yourself first to make sure you have it like you want it. To do this, click on "Mail to me only" and fill in your email address or leave it at the default mailtest@yourdomain.com. Once you are satisfied with the content, click on "Mail to everyone" to send it to everyone on your list. These emails are sent one at a time, individually addressed. Depending on the server status and the number of names on your list, it may take several hours to send them all. Once you click on "Mail to Everyone", it is not necessary to wait - you may continue with other tasks.

The mailing list management software creates a web page with the content of your newsletter once you've sent it to your full mailing list. The location is http://www.yourdomainname.com/newsletter/newsletter.html. You have the option to not have the program update the newsletter that you are sending out by unchecking the box "Update Newslettter on server when newsletter is sent". This is helpful if you are sending out a quick reminder for an event or sale and you don't want that to necessarily replace the last newsletter.

Fancy Email Help File - Click HERE

Display mailing list addresses allows you to see which email addresses are invalid and valid.

Access Mailing List Database

You now have several options available for accessing your mailing list and your mailing list database. These are two distinct files:

1.) The database records everything. This includes all information from both your Contact Form and your Register to Win form. The database can and will display duplicates.

2.) The listserv manages the mailing list itself (with all duplicates removed). The listserv also automatically removes all "bounces" when an email is sent out.

There are now several options for displaying the contents of either the database or the listserv, along with instructions when you click on Mailing List, Access ML Database.

Drawing Winners

After clicking on Mailing List, Access ML Database, select the ending date and the number of days previous - this will normally be the last day of the month with 30 or 31 days previous. Then select Distinct Email (subscribe) under Display Options and Random under Sort Options. Click on Display Data and it will display the list sorted by random numbers, giving you a way to automatically and fairly select your winner - the top listing.

Edit Mailing List

Another feature is the ability to edit your own mailing list, including the ability to add multiple names if needed. Please remember that Key to the Web has a strict policy against spam. You may NOT purchase names from a vendor and add them to your list. Services will be terminated for anyone found sending UNSOLICITED email.

When you click on Edit Mailing List, you are then able to do the following:
  • Display your list, one address per line, sorted by email address.
  • Display domain list. Find out how many aol.com addresses are on your list!
  • Search the mailing list for complete or partial matches - useful for finding people who may want to unsubscribe but don't know what email address they used to register.
  • Remove from mailing list will remove one or multiple addresses.
  • Add to mailing list allows you to add multiple email addresses, one per line. Remember that each name will receive a list introduction when using this option.
  • Rebuild the Temporary Database allows you to check to see that changes you have made have been completed.

    Newsletter Status

    This is the log file and will display the newsletter log for the last 30 days. It will show you the number of blocks submitted, blocks sent, emails submitted, emails sent, bounces, date, time and ref #.

    The newsletter addresses are split into "blocks" of up to 1000 address per block. For example, you have 4745 email addresses in your database, your newsletter would be divided into 5 blocks. Dividing the email addresses into blocks allows for the sever process them quicker.

    Until the number of blocks submitted and sent are the same the newsletter status will be changing.

    Bounces are email address that were not valid and then deleted from your mailing list. The bounces may not occur immediately, so that status could change over hours or even days. Some ISP's do not immediately send a bounce back to the server - the email initially gets accepted by one server and then bounced later on.

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