New CMS Instructions

Image Uploading
Entering an Item
Menu Maintenance
Category Maintenance

Catalog Headers
Edit Non-Catalog Pages
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Store Configuration
Image Management
Order Management

Mailing List
Running a Sale
Order Tracking

Making your site live
Order Guidelines


Key to the Web Help Files

We suggest that you follow these instructions in order. If you start with Image Uploading, the steps follow in order. Please note that you will NOT be able to see an item in your catalog until you have done the following three sections: "Image Uploading", "Entering an Item", and "Menu Maintenance". Once you are comfortable with the system you are welcome to do things in whatever order you choose.

While following these instructions it may be helpful to have two browsers open, ie. 2 Netscapes or 2 Internet Explorers. This will enable you to have one browser open to the Help files, and use the other browser to actually enter items into your catalog. If you are an AOL user, it is possible to have AOL and Internet Explorer open at the same time.

Need a visual! Check out our video tuturials!
Please view them in order; Image Upload, Entering an Item and Menu Maintenance.

Image Upload
Entering an Item