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Editing Your Category Headers

Headers are information, an image, and/or logo at the top of the individual categories. If Key to the Web has designed your site, we will have done your default headers for you and you will only need to change the text description for each category, if desired. If Key to the Web has not designed your site, and you want to set up your default headers, click here.

1.) Click on "Store Maintenace", then "Category Headers". It will show a list of your categories for editing, along with links to change your master headers template, and one to rebuild ALL headers. We'll cover the last two options after looking at the first.

Category Headers Edit

2.) Click on the category that you want to edit. In my case, I'm going to edit my Kits category, by clicking on "kits_main (Kits)". At the top I will see all the information that is pulled in from my default header. There is no need to change any of this information at this time. See the section below on "Editing Your Default Header File" if you have items you wish to change in this section.

Default info in Category Headers

3.) Scroll down to the boxes "Divider Image" and "Text". I chose bar.gif from the drop down menu of images available as a divider. I can upload any image I want to use as a divider after the header and before the catalog items by going to "Store Maintenance", "Upload Images", "Catagory Header Image Upload". In addition, I've entered some text that I want to appear at the top of my Category for Kits.

Entering Text for a Category Header

4.) Click on "Update Header for (your category), then click on View Store Menu. Go to that category and observe your changes!

New Category Header

Setting Your Default Header and Rebuilding Headers

1.) First we want to upload an image that will be used as the "logo" for the top of each of the category pages. Click on "Store Maintenance", "Upload Images", then scroll down to "Category Header Image Upload". Place your cursor in the box, click "Browse", then locate the image on your hard disk. Click "Open", then "Upload Category Header Image".

Upload Category Header Main Image

2.) The server will give you a confirmation of the upload, including the file name.

Results of Catagory Header Image Upload

3.)  Click on "Store Maintenance", "Category Headers", then "Click here for master headers template". The first field is "Page Title, which shows up in the left had corner of the browser window. The next field is the Category name. This will automatically be filled in as long as menu update has been run on that particular category.

Default Header Edit
4. ) Next is the background image. If there is a special image you want to use for the background, you can upload it using the same instructions as #1 above, then select it from the drop down list.

5.) You can also select a background color for the page. If you don't have a background image, then you have a solid color as a background...usually white. You can select lots of different colors by clicking on the drop down menu.

6. ) Next we tell the system where to find the image that we uploaded as our "logo". I named mine "catalogheader.gif", so I use the drop down menu to select that file. Next is the "alt tag", which is the little box that pops up when the cursor is rolled over the image. In my case..."Key to the Web, Ltd. Online Catalog". If you want a border around your image you enter a number from 1-10 (1=thin, 10=thick) here. In most cases this will always be 0.

7. ) I will not enter anything in "Divider Image" or "Text", as I want those to be different for each category. When I click on "Update Header for default.hdr", it will set the default for ALL FUTURE CATEGORIES. Please note that it will NOT change any categories that I have already started. To do that, I need to then click on "Click here to rebuild"ALL Headers".

8. ) Now I can click on View Store Menu and look at any category to see the results of my work. My new category pages look like this.

New Category Header
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