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Due to the unreliability of email, Key to the Web now communicates important information via a new announcement section located at the top of your main maintenance page. maintenance entrance page.

Sept. 06 - New Email Options

We have changed the image upload limit to 75k. Our guidelines, posted at http://help.keyweb.com/new_interface/scanning.htm recommend nothing larger than 30,000 bytes, although you can push that to 50,000 if needed. Our new limit is even higher than the max recommended. Since approximately only 33% of quilters have broadband or high speed, images can't be over 75kb or customers will simply go elsewere. To keep files small, scan at a low resolution - 100 dpi or ppi and "compress or optimize" the jpg file when saving it.

Changes to Froogle feeds:
1. The images are now the larger image, froogle claims that they do not pull the images via link from our system. If the larger image is not present, then no image will be shown. This should not be a problem for a majority of you since most use the larger image as the source for the thumbnail image.

2. Any price in the description will be deleted, they only allow a price in the price field.

3. The hidden words are deleted, so, if the stores want to get the best search for froogle, they are going to have to carefully word their description so it contains everything they want. Remember that people searching at Froogle are more likely to use the word "fabric" in their searches.

AOL Members - PLEASE READ Please DO NOT use the "Report as Spam" Button at AOL for any email addressed to your domain. There is a bug in AOL's spam filter - the blame the last place the email was forwarded from rather than where the email actually originated from. The result is that they can blacklist Key to the Web servers, causing email services to all our AOL clients to go down. This is very serious. We BEG you not to report any email as spam at AOL.

New Archive option for stores that use Shipping Notify       Up to this point orders were automatically archived (hidden from view) 5 days after first reading the order, or by manually selecting the order number for archive. A new feature, which may be selected on the first page of the credit card program after login, will allow automatic archiving of any orders for which the shipping notification has been sent. When this method is selected the order will remain in view until the shipping notification has taken place, or the order is manually archived -- no orders are archived based on time.
New Options!  Now an item can have up to five variables.  There is now a choice on display - drop down and/or radio buttons.  The new options can even now calculate a price difference.  The Option Management can be found under "Store Maintenance".

NEW Order Function 7/5 There is an additional section in the credit card menu that is similar to the archive order selection drop down. When orders are selected in this area, "Order Timeout", the order will never time out, but the client can later archive the order manually. Orders that already have the timeout disabled will not be displayed in the timeout selection box.

IMPORTANT -- Spam Complaints Cause Major Problems
If you have been reporting spam to your ISP or to any spam reporting sites, PLEASE cease doing so. Click here for more information.

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Emergency Only Nights and Weekends Now Being Enforced

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