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Patty's Blog

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Mailing Lists & Newsgroups

There are countless niche mailing lists and newsgroups on the web. These are groups that communicate via an email list, where members send in comments (posts), and others respond to those posts. You must know the cardinal rule - THOU SHALT NOT ADVERTISE IN THESE GROUPS! To start finding the groups in your niche market, go here.

Although blatant advertising is a big NO/NO, you are allowed to participate in discussions, answer questions, etc. The trick is to have a "signature" in your email program, or via the Web-based group interface that not only signs your name, but gives the name of your company, perhaps one brief phrase, and most importantly, a link to your web site. Those who utilize this method of promotion report that it indeed works well. People will pick up on your web address in your signature, and one click takes them to your web site!

To set up a signature in your email software:

1. For Outlook Express, click on Tools, Options, then the Signature Tab. Then Click on New, and enter your signature in the Text box. Then put a check in "Add Signatures to all Outgoing Messages" and uncheck "Don't Add Signatures to Replies and Forwards". Click Apply, then OK, and you're done. Henceforth your signature will be attached automatically to all outgoing email.

Setting up a Signature in Outlook Express

2. For AOL, click on the drop down arrow next to Mail in the upper left corner, then "Mail Signatures". Click on Create, then give your signature a name, and then enter the text for your Signature in the Signature box. Click Ok and you're done.

AOL Signatures

3. For Eudora Pro, the email program we use here exclusively and heartily recommend, go to Tools, Signatures. Right click on "Standard" on the left side, then click Edit. Enter your signature, then click on the "X" in the upper right corner to close the window. It will ask if you want to save your changes, say "yes".

Eudora Pro Signatures

Finally, you need to click on Tools, Options, Composing Mail and set the Default Signature to "Standard".

Eudora Pro Setting Default Signature