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Patty's Blog

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Editing Your Links Page

1)  To begin, click on "Edit Non-catalog" pages either from your main maintenance menu, or from any side menu within the maintenance area. Then click on Begin HTML Editing.

2)  You will now have a screen that asks you to choose which file you wish to edit.  If you have more than one, choose the one you want. 

Note:Also on this screen is a File Upload section.  This is for adding pictures, such as headers for the page. Normally the graphics for the page will already be installed for you, but if you decide you want to change them you can.  In the event you do, this works much the same as adding pictures to your catalog items.

After choosing the file you wish to edit click on Begin Editing HTML.  This will take you to the screen that breaks the links page down into sections.

Link #2

3)   Think of this as a step by step, section by section process in making a web page.  The first three sections you will see are already done for you, so all you will need to do is add your links. 

The page title is the title of the page that is not seen on the web page itself, but appears at the top of the browser window. 

The Body Setup is the code for text color, link colors, background images, etc.

After the Body Setup you will see the header for the web page itself. Again, this is usually already done for you. After the image area section you will find the Contents of  Link Area.  We usually add one or two to get you started and for examples. To add a link go to the second or last "Content of Link Area" and click on "Edit this entry".

Link #2

4)  From here scroll down to the "Insert the following" and in the first column drop down menu select "Insert Below".  Then in the second column drop down menu select "Page Link". Then click "Update File". This adds a section that will allow you to add a new link.

Link #3

5)  After clicking the update file it will take you back to the section listing.  Scroll to the area just after the last link on the page which says "Content of Link Area", which will be blank, and click on "Edit this entry" and this will take you to where you add the actual link.

Link #4

6)  Here you can select the way you want your link to appear on the page.

Select the amount of space you would like before the link...."Before the Link". "No Break" will but the links on the same line. "Line Break" will put the links one on each line, "Paragraph Break" will put a 2 line space in between links and "Break with Clear" is used only when adding images.

If you would like your link centered on the page select it.

If you would like your link to be in bold print on the page select it.

Choosing Attributes

7) Text prior to link is for any text you would like to add before the actual link.

Text before Link

8)  Link (do not include http://) is the url address of the link itself, i.e...www.quiltshops.com

Entering the Link itself

9)  Link Text is the underlined, clickable text. In this case "Quiltshops.com".

Link Text

10) Text after the link is anything that you want to say after the link - in this case, "search over 100 quilt shops at once by keyword".

Text After Link

11) If you would like to add another link after the one you just added, go to "Insert the following" at the bottom of the page, in the first column drop down menu select "Insert Below", in the second column drop down menu select "Page Link". Then click "Update file". Repeat steps 6-10.

To Add Another Link

12) If you are adding only one link then you are done. Press "Update File"!  This takes you back to the section page and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find your link.

13) If you ever wish to delete a link simply select the link you wish to delete and select Delete this entry and click "Update file".

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