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Foreign Shipping Check - Types of Shipping

We established this new feature in Store Maintenance in order to better manage shipping to foreign destinations and to prevent overseas customers from paying US shipping rates (either unintentionally or maliciously). Following is a screenshot of a typical configuration, followed below by more detailed in-depth instructions.

Foreign Shipping Check is intended for shops shipping from the United States only, and should not be enabled for shops located outside the United States. When the Foreign Shipping Check is enabled, the store software checks the Country selected on the pre-order form to ensure that a foreign order is not allowed to choose domestic shipping rates. When a domestic rate is chosen for a foreign shipping address (or Canadian), the software changes the shipping type to the default for either foreign or Canadian shipping.

Three types of shipping destinations are defined, Domestic, Foreign, and Canadian, each of which have different rates for shops in the United States.

Canadian Shipping rates are higher than US rates, and lower than Foreign rates. Creation of a shipping rate for Canadian shipping is highly recommended before enabling the Foreign Shipping Check.

A default should be chosen for each destination type.

New shipping types entered here require that you also go to Store Configuration, Edit Your Shipping, and input the desired amounts in the table for the type that you have added.

If you have two shipping methods for a given type (Domestic, Foreign, or Canadian), then you can use the radio button to indicate which one you want to be the default, e.g. USA UPS vs USA USPS.