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Building Your Customer Database

By far the easiest and most effective way of building your business on the Web is to build your customer database and then follow through religiously by sending bi-monthly, or even weekly newsletters to notify your customers of new items, special promotions or sale items, etc.

Each store has a "Register to Win" page that enables your customers to sign up for these bi-monthly or weekly newsletters. The item that you give away once per month can be relatively small. They just need an incentive to sign up. When you first open your store, you may want to give away a really nice prize - something like a $100 shopping spree. That would certainly give customers the incentive to sign up, and give you a way of quickly building your customer database.

If you have both online and offline businesses, collect email addresses at your point of sale. Your in-store customers will be delighted to get the information of new items and special promotions also.

For complete directions on how to send out either text or "fancy" email, click here.