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Crossing Linking

Following is an except from an article by Web Position.

Trading Links

This is by far the oldest and best-known method of improving link popularity. The more links to your site, the higher you are rated by many of the search engines. Basically you e-mail or contact the Webmaster of a site that is complementary but generally not competitive to your own. You ask them to link to your site while outlining the benefits of doing so. You would generally offer to link back to them in exchange for this courtesy.

The disadvantage to the link trade method is that it's time consuming. You'll also find that far more people will ignore or reject your request versus those that accept it AND follow through by adding the link to you. Many of these people get e-mails every week from people asking to trade links. These Webmasters are also going to be very hesitant about linking to another Web site and potentially sending their own hard-earned traffic away to somebody else. Most people will refuse to link to you unless they're convinced that they'll receive more traffic from you than they'll send away, or that there's some other advantage to them.

Therefore, the problem is that straight link trades are rarely an equal exchange and thereby difficult to accomplish. If you do request a link trade:

a) Be sure you have developed genuine content on your Web site of interest to the trading partner.

b) Explain the advantages to them and to their visitors by providing a link to your content. Editor's Note: You may want to refer specifically to Google's policy by saying something like, "Today 80% of all web searches are done through "Google". Google ranks sites according to their popularity, specifically according to how many links there are on the Web to a specific site. Therefore, trading links helps both of us attain a higher ranking in Google."

c) If you plan to link back to them, consider telling them where the link will be or set the link up in advance with the stipulation that you'll be glad to leave it there if they'll add a link to you in kind.

d) Take the time to look over their site and then suggest where a link to you might be appropriate.

e) Most importantly, personalize your e-mails! You must distinguish yourself from all the spam they receive daily. If the link is particularly important to you, call them personally or write them a letter or send a fax to show them you're serious.

The article is Copyright 2000 by FirstPlace Software, Inc. FirstPlace Software produces WebPosition Gold, the first software product to monitor & to help you improve your search engine rankings. You may download a FREE trial copy of WebPosition Gold from: http://www.webposition.com

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