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Advanced Builder Page Techniques

Making Tables
Making Lists
Email Links

  • Making Tables
    1.) Make the table that you want on your builder page on paper first, laying out the columns and the rows. Once you have done that go to your builder page that the table will be displayed on, click a previous entry ("Edit this Entry") were you want the table to appear on the page.

    Image 1

    2.) Scroll to the bottom of that entry to "Insert the Following". Select whether you'd like it above or below the current entry, then select "Table", referring to your chart on paper, enter the number of rows you will need and the number of columns, and then click on "Update the File"

    Image 2

    3.) Scroll to your new table entry and click on "Edit this Entry"

    Image 3

    4.) Select if you want any spacing before the table and if the table is to be centered on the page.
    • No Break = no spacing
    • Line Break = one line
    • Paragraph Break = 2 lines
    • Break with clear = one line and forcing the table to fall below a previous entry that has either been aligned left or right
    • Center = centered on the page

    Image 4

    5.) Select if you'd like your table to have a border or not.

    Image 5

    6.) If you would like your table to have a caption above it then enter it in the "Table Caption" field. I find that this is easiest left blank, instead using a text entry box above the table if need be. Using the caption field on the table itself is very limiting (color, boldness, italics, size and so on). Using a text entry above allows for more control and options for the text. So in this case I left it blank.

    Image 7

    7.) Now enter your content (I'm using a shipping chart for an example but you can fill in whatever applies for your chart).

    Image 8

    8.) After you enter your content you can determine if the text that you enter into each cell needs to aligned left, right or centered.

    Image 9

    9.) When you have finished making all your additions and adjustments click on "Update the File" and your table will look something like this (depending on the content you entered and the options you chose):

    Image 10

    Note: There is no way to add rows or columns to an existing table. If you need to do that the only option is to delete the table and start over, creating a new table with the rows and columns that you need.

  • Making Lists
    Using this feature will make a bulleted list.

    1.) Make a list entry, then click on "Update the File"

    Image 11

    2.) Go to your new list entry and click on "Edit this Entry"

    Image 12

    3.) Then choose your options, type in the items of your list and click on "Update the file".

    Image 13

    4.) Your list should look something like this.

    Image 14

  • Email Links
    With this feature you can add an email link to your builder page that when clicked on will open up the user's email program. The mail "to" will be filled in with the email address you've provided.

    1.) Make an email link entry and click on "Update the File"

    Image 15

    2.) Go to your new email link entry and click on "Edit this Entry"

    Image 16

    3.) Select your options. Type in any text that you would like prior to the email; for example: "For more Information". Type in the email address, the text that you would like to appear for that link, any text that you may want after the link and click on "Update the File".

    Image 17
    4.) Your new email link should look something like this.

    Image 18

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